Wallpaper FAQs

Dimensions and minimum orders

The minimum order for all wallpapers is 10m/1000cm/393.7in.

Our wallpaper is European standard width 52cm (20.5in) and sold in roll sizes of 10 meters (393.7in).

The only exception is the Dragonfly mural, which is available in 250cm or 300cm panels (and therefor has a minimum order of 4 panels).

Wallpaper Delivery time

All our wallpapers are printed to order in the UK, and require 3 weeks plus shipping time.

Rush orders can often be arranged — email us for further details.

How much wallpaper should I order?

Understanding our wallpaper patterns

All our wallpapers are designed with a straight match repeat.

A straight match is where the left and right edge of the wallpaper matches in a straight horizontal line with the left and right edge of the next strip of wallpaper.

So, to ensure the pattern repeat matches, each drop you cut for a wall should be identical:

Note that repeat size changes from design to design (see the wallpaper description in the shop for details). The repeat sizes tells you, for example, the distance between where the first flower appears in a pattern and where it next appears.

Measuring your walls

Measure the height of your wall(s), allowing 50mm or 2 inches at both ends for trimming.

Next, measure the width of each wall. If the walls join at a corner, allow an extra 50mm or 2 inches for each corner, so that you have enough paper for the pattern to wrap around the edges.

Working out quantities

Begin by working out the number of drops you can get from each roll.

For example, with a repeat size of 60cm, and a wall of height 3m and width 2.5m:

  • 1000cm roll length / 60cm repeat = 16.67 = 16 repeats per roll  (rounded down)
  • 300cm wall height / 60cm repeat = 5 repeats per drop (rounded up)
  • 16 repeats per roll / 5 repeats per drop = 3.2 = 3 drops from each roll (rounded down)

Now work out how many rolls of wallpaper you need:

  • 250cm wall width /  52cm roll width = 4.8 = 5 drops required to span the wall (rounded up)
  • 5 drops required for that wall / 3 drops per roll = 1.6666 = 2 rolls required total (rounded up)

Still have questions?

For complex room shapes (eg different wall heights, or multiple doors and windows), we suggest asking your decorator.

Installing our wallpapers

Follow these instructions to ensure a great result.


Walls should be clean, firm and dry. Roughen any painted surfaces with glass/sandpaper. Remove any old wall coverings and fill any holes and cracks.Lining:

Size any absorbant surfaces. Scrape powdery or flaky areas and paint with a suitably prepared size, or oil-based primer, allowing it to dry completely. It is important that the walls are cross-lined. Avoid white lining papers for dark wallpapers.


Ensure that a good quality paste-the-wall “tub” adhesive, containing a fungicide, is used with this wall covering. Try to avoid getting adhesive on the printed surface. If it is unavoidable, gently wipe off with a clean dry sponge whilst it is moist, making sure to rinse it thoroughly throughout the cleaning process using clear water only and no soap or cleaning liquids of any kind.


Cut your lengths allowing for pattern matching and for final trimming top and bottom. DO NOT assume that the wallpaper will come off the roll the right way up – this should always be checked and, if unsure, consult this website.

Using a roller, apply plenty of paste to the wall, slightly wider than the drop you are about to hang, paying particular attention to the top and bottom. Use a plumb line when hanging the first length and smooth the paper to the wall using a paperhangers brush from the centre of the length to the edge to expel air bubbles. Butt-join subsequent lengths.

Good ventilation and an even temperature will assist in the even drying of wallpaper.

Wallpaper care:

This wallpaper has a matt finish which permits the removal of surface marks by gently dabbing with a moist sponge. Do not scrub or use any abrasive cleaning agents.

Do you sell fabric by the meter?

Not at present, but we are in the process of sourcing a supplier, so please join our mailing list to stay updated.



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